Chelsea in the News

NYFW: Excellence and Diversity for FTL MODA's SS2017 Presentations

Continuing the celebrations for its 10thanniversary, FTL MODA is at work this summer to bring improvements to its highly anticipated diversity efforts in NYFW. After announcing last month the partnership with Posh Kids Magazine and the first official Kids Collection Showcase at NYFW, FTL MODA was again in the news this week, for joining the management of STELLAR NYC, the first diversity enabled high level talent agency in Manhattan, and is now announcing the outstanding program of the #IAmNYFW campaign, coming in September.

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H&M launches 'For Every Victory' - High Performance Sportswear

The ‘For Evey Victory’ high performance sportswear is inspired by H&M’s home country’s all star team, the Swedish Olympic team including the Paralympic team. The campaign features inspirational personalities who have all achieved their victories in sports through adversities – Olympian Caitlyn Jenner, Gymnist/Model Chelsea Werner with Down Syndrome, Surfer Mike Coots who still takes to his board after he lost his leg in a shark attack, and Cuban female boxer Namibia Flores who has fought against prejudice to pursue her dreams.

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Inspire My Kids

Chelsea Werner was born with Down Syndrome, a condition that can cause certain medical issues including low muscle tone.

Shortly after she was born, Chelsea’s parents decided to get her into gymnastics to help build her muscles.  After a long search, they found a great coach who was willing to teach her.

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Champion gymnast with Down syndrome overcomes obstacles, inspires others

For Chelsea Werner, gymnastics started as a way to develop more muscle tone, a symptom from her diagnosis of Down syndrome. But now the sport is a way for her to show others just how much is possible for other athletes with the disorder.

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